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Privacy Notice

The information you provide

You can choose different ways to provide your personal information, such as when you participate in promotional activities or to the site to purchase goods. Your personal information may include: specific information (such as name, postal address, e-mail, cell phone or another phone number) Age and date of birth, gender, user name and password, payment information (such as your payment card number, card expiry Day, courier address and billing address)

How We Use Information

A your consent (including but not limited to the signing of relevant documents, visit the Web site, click on the OK button as well as other relevant can be reasonably understood to have agreed a way that you can be seen as you have made such "consent"), That may be based on the following purposes we collect, process, use the information you provided: send promotional campaign materials or other promotional materials; provision of services, payment and / or gift card transactions; the establishment and management of your online accounts; respond to your request ; promote your participation in services, special events, contests, sweepstakes, programs, questionnaires and other services
Management, assessment and improve our business (including developing new products and services; to strengthen and improve our services; management communication; analysis products; data analysis; implementation of accounting, auditing and other internal function); compliance with regulations, standards and relevant industry Our policy; the purpose of this Privacy shown in other terms; otherwise we may also gather information at the time of notification of the use of personal information.

Information gathered automatically

In addition to the above information you provide when you visit this site, we use cookies to automatically collect certain information, for example, such information is collected automatically collected information.

Cookies is a website transfers to your computer or other network connection device to recognize your browser, store browser information or set of text files. Your browser may tell you when you receive specific cookies and how you are notified how to limit or disable specific cookies. Please note that without cookies you may not use all the features of this site.

The information collected by cookies, our network server operating system may record form, form browser, domain name, set the details with other systems, and system language and means you use and the time zone is located in the country. Web server logs may also record a link to our web site address with your network link device's IP address.
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